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Memphis Kiddie Park, now a landmark in the Brooklyn community, is proud to be doing business in the same location as we approach our 68th season. We began when Brooklyn was a small town and a place people could buy fresh farm produce after indulging in some cotton candy and popcorn at our Park.  While Brooklyn has since matured into the city it is today, the community’s values have not changed—continuing to make Brooklyn the ideal place for family-oriented businesses such as our own.

Throughout the nearly seven decades that Memphis Kiddie Park has been part of the Brooklyn family, we’ve operated under the same family management since day one.  Founded by Stuart Wintner and managed by Bill Applegarth, it’s now my turn as Stuart’s son and Mike Kissel, Bill’s son-in-law, to shepherd the Park. It’s our intent and hope that Memphis Kiddie Park will live on well past its 100th birthday as we bring in the third generation.

It is our pleasure to give back to the Community that has supported us from the start.  In addition to supporting City fundraising efforts, we bring people from across Northeast Ohio into Brooklyn. Many of our guests discover our vibrant community for the first time when they come to Memphis Kiddie Park.  We take pride in continuing to be an anchor that draws people into our City.

Russell Wintner
Memphis Kiddie Park

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