Member Spotlight…Dollar Bank


Each month, the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce chooses a different member to be the “Spotlight” for that month.  That member submits an article highlighting themselves and their business and what they provide to the Brooklyn community.  If you would be interested in being featured in an upcoming month, please let us know. 


Below is the Member Spotlight for July…Dollar Bank


We have choices, and for that we are grateful! Let me be your choice to assist you and your friends/family in gathering information for a home
purchase or a refinance. Nothing is more rewarding than knowing that our First Time Buyers have achieved homeownership and now can enjoy their home with confidence. I know, I was there at one time.

I’ve been here at Dollar Bank 46 years! We’ve been in this fabulous community for years and years. Originally located right at Memphis/Ridge on the West side of the plaza. Who remembers Brooklyn Savings? I do! Dollar Bank was founded in 1855,
and is still here because of good sound financial decisions for our customers. Being a mutual bank allows us to be accountable to our customers, not stockholders.

My expertise is that I have knowledge, experience, and understand the various programs (yes there are downpayment assistance funds available) and guidelines to help with achieving buying a home. Understanding credit is critical and there is a lot that goes into that as well.

To another great year for our Brooklyn Chamber, and so glad to be a part of it. Call or email me, I’m always available.


Kathy Gedeon, AVP
Residential Lending

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