BWC Provides Financial Relief for New Chamber Businesses



In an effort to support job growth within the state, the Ohio BWC has created the Grow Ohio Incentive Program to help minimize some of the financial pitfalls new companies tend to encounter within their first years of business. The BWC offers two options for significant premium reductions to businesses that have brand new policies and have created new jobs on or after July 1, 2011.

Ways to Save.

New employers can select one of the following discounts:

  • New businesses are now eligible to join a group-experience-rating program and can receive a premium discount (potentially up to 53%) effective on their first day of business.
  • New businesses can elect to receive an automatic 25% discount on their      workers’ compensation premium.

We’re Here to Help.

Benefits 1 Group, our preferred provider for third party administrative services, is currently working with new businesses throughout our area to secure these discounts. Don’t miss out on this timely savings opportunity!

If you believe you may be eligible or have general questions regarding other available discounts through the Ohio BWC, please contact our Chamber Services Manager, Peter Young at or call him at 877.765.4200 ext. 254.

To expedite the process, feel free to fill out an online temporary authorization form at This information allows Peter to thoroughly assess your potential for savings in advance of your phone call.

About Benefits 1 Group

Benefits 1 Group (B1G) is our chamber’s preferred provider for workers’ comp third party administration. In 2013, Benefits 1 Group saved the Northern Ohio Area Chamber Member an average of $3,151.11 off of their workers’ compensation premium. Overall this year, B1G saved NOACC membership nearly $385, 000 in total.

Benefits 1 Group provides Third Party Administration (TPA) cost-control solutions designed to help employers minimize healthcare costs associated with workers’ compensation and related employee absence. From strategy to implementation, the experts at Benefits 1 Group offer over 250 years of specialized expertise in Ohio BWC premium rate reduction, risk financing, claims management, and accident and loss prevention.

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