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Celcherts & Associates

We are a volunteer group of retired tax auditors who review accounts payable invoices to determine if Ohio sales and/or use tax has been erroneously charged and paid by nonprofit organizations, cities, and school districts.  Most organizations feel that the accounting staff does a good job at recognizing that their organization is exempt from paying sales/use tax.  We agree with that premise, however, sales/use tax charges do slip by and can add up over an extended period of time.


Our mission is to review only accounts payable invoices to determine if Ohio sales/use tax has been paid in error.  We do not need to look at any financial statements or privileged information.  If we establish that Ohio sales/use tax has been paid in error, we will prepare a refund to be submitted to the Ohio Department of Taxation for you. 


There is absolutely no obligation on your part other than to provide us access to the accounts payable invoices and a place to work.  There is no fixed or contingency fee involved.  This is strictly a volunteer service on our part.  We have found refunds for small churches as well as larger nonprofit organizations such as you.  Refund totals have ranged from a couple hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.  These refunds are subject to interest from the Ohio Department of Taxation from the time the tax was received by them. 


 Please contact our references to get a better understanding of what we do and better yet what we can do for you.  Call us to setup a meeting that could be very beneficial to you.




Andy Celcherts

Phone  (216) 548-7644    

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